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Lights! Camera! Action! The shooting season has begun, and a number of Limelite artistes have been at the centre of the action.

Clive, Daniel and Inge were featured in a truly weird shoot for X-Box. To dramatize the proposition that Microsoft's new gaming consul has better sound and better visuals than the Sony Playstation, the creative team of Bartle Bogle Hegarty -- one of London's leading ad agencies -- came up with the concept of grafting extra eyes and ears onto the actors' heads and bodies of! Ear-y stuff!

Other international commercials Limelite artistes have appeared in recently are Barclay Card for the UK, Tang for the People's Republic of China and the Gulf Coast Countries, and Dewars Whiskey for Spain.

More good news is that our online database is now fully functional. With a sophisticated search engine and a unique function that allows registered users to create, edit and email shortlists of artistes, the site will make the whole process of finding and approving talent much quicker and easier. As far as we know, this will also make it a world-first!

Frequently Asked Questions

11. How should I behave on a film set?

  • ALWAYS BE PUNCTUAL! Never, ever arrive late on a film set. Rather arrive ten minutes earlier than your call time. Remember that if a shoot runs into overtime, it could cost the production company hundreds of thousands of rands.
  • If you have been given a specific wardrobe brief, or if you have been asked to bring along any wardrobe, ensure that you have complied with this 100%.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, you should arrive on set with clean hair, clean face and clean fingernails - for ladies, this also means no make-up and no nail polish.
  • You will be designated a specific cast area on set - stay there until you are called for. Never wander around on set and never ask general questions of interest from the production team or crew - they are all very busy and under pressure and do not generally have time to chat. If you do need to ask a specific question with regards to where you should wait or where the toilets are, ask the production co-ordinator, production manager or your cast co-ordinator.
  • You will be shown where the catering table is. You must eat your meals as and when you are instructed to as specific meal breaks are set aside during shooting.
  • If you are not in make-up or if you have not already been made up, you are free to help yourself to water, juice, coffee or tea from the craft table. If you have been through make-up and are thirsty, rather drink juice or water through a straw so as not to spoil your make-up. Do not eat just before going on camera or in between shots.
  • DON'T BE NOISY - in most cases you will not know whether the crew are shooting (recording) sound or not. For this reason, NEVER talk loudly, laugh raucously or shout. Again, try to take along a book to read or something quiet to keep you busy while you are waiting.
  • If you are smoking in a designated smoking area, ALWAYS use the ashtrays provided, especially if you are outdoors as fire hazards are always of great concern. Also always use the black bags or bins provided on set and never leave any litter lying around.
  • DO NOT EVER SLEEP ON SET! If you decide to take a quick nap while you are waiting in the sun, you will most likely miss your call and cause great frustration.
  • Always be polite and courteous on set. Remember that you are being paid to do a job, and you should conduct yourself like a professional at all times.


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