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Lights! Camera! Action! The shooting season has begun, and a number of Limelite artistes have been at the centre of the action.

Clive, Daniel and Inge were featured in a truly weird shoot for X-Box. To dramatize the proposition that Microsoft's new gaming consul has better sound and better visuals than the Sony Playstation, the creative team of Bartle Bogle Hegarty -- one of London's leading ad agencies -- came up with the concept of grafting extra eyes and ears onto the actors' heads and bodies of! Ear-y stuff!

Other international commercials Limelite artistes have appeared in recently are Barclay Card for the UK, Tang for the People's Republic of China and the Gulf Coast Countries, and Dewars Whiskey for Spain.

More good news is that our online database is now fully functional. With a sophisticated search engine and a unique function that allows registered users to create, edit and email shortlists of artistes, the site will make the whole process of finding and approving talent much quicker and easier. As far as we know, this will also make it a world-first!

Frequently Asked Questions

10. How should I prepare for a casting?

  • Get all the details regarding the casting session from your Limelite booker:
    • What is the commercial for?
    • Which country will it be flighted in?
    • What role am I casting for (the mom, the businesswoman, etc)
    • What am I required to wear for the casting?
    • What will the shoot dates be?
  • Once you have all of the above information, you should ensure that you have the correct wardrobe requirements available. If not, perhaps think about borrowing from a friend or family member as the wardrobe brief is a VERY important factor in the casting process.
  • You will be given specific times during which you must attend your casting session - DO NOT BE LATE! If you are late, it is almost guaranteed that you will be turned away.
  • GO PREPARED - take along a book or a magazine, as chances are that you will be required to wait your turn in a queue. There are times when the waiting period can be rather long, and other times when it will not.
  • KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS - when you sign in at a casting, you will be required to fill in a casting form. You will fill in your name, age, agent, telephone numbers, height, bust/chest, waist, hip (all in centimetres), general clothing size and shoe size.
  • KNOW THE NAMES OF PRODUCTS FOR WHICH YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE ANY ADVERTISING IN THE PAST. Also know which country or countries that commercial was broadcast in. You should also remember the year in which you were booked on any past productions.


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