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Lights! Camera! Action! The shooting season has begun, and a number of Limelite artistes have been at the centre of the action.

Clive, Daniel and Inge were featured in a truly weird shoot for X-Box. To dramatize the proposition that Microsoft's new gaming consul has better sound and better visuals than the Sony Playstation, the creative team of Bartle Bogle Hegarty -- one of London's leading ad agencies -- came up with the concept of grafting extra eyes and ears onto the actors' heads and bodies of! Ear-y stuff!

Other international commercials Limelite artistes have appeared in recently are Barclay Card for the UK, Tang for the People's Republic of China and the Gulf Coast Countries, and Dewars Whiskey for Spain.

More good news is that our online database is now fully functional. With a sophisticated search engine and a unique function that allows registered users to create, edit and email shortlists of artistes, the site will make the whole process of finding and approving talent much quicker and easier. As far as we know, this will also make it a world-first!

Frequently Asked Questions

9. What does it mean to be 'pencilled' on a job?

If a client places an option or a pencil booking on you for a specific job and on a specific date or dates, that client then holds the first option or first refusal on you. This entitles that client to hold your availability until such time as a final decision has been made regarding the booking. During this time, it is possible for another client to request an option to book you. In this case, that client would be given 2nd option or 2nd pencil. This ensures that you will not lose out on other work while the 1st option client is making his or her final decision.

Should the 2nd option client wish to confirm their booking, the 1st option client will be given 24 hours to confirm or release their pencil booking on you.

It can happen that one or both options or pencils are released. This is perfectly within reason and does not leave the client with any obligations with regards to payment.

Once a client or clients hold an option or pencil booking on you for specific dates, this is a very serious matter as it assures them that should they wish to take up that option, you will be available!


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